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Controlling and removing harmful weeds to protect biodiversity, livestock and people


Weeds can help balance nutrient-deficient soil; attract pollinating insects; feed and attract micro-organisms, insects and worms; and help prevent erosion. But in the wrong place or the wrong type, weeds can cause untold damage to biodiversity, the health of livestock and your bottom line.

We have been providing comprehensive weed control and weed prevention services for nearly two decades in urban and rural areas to both the public and private sectors to help manage weeds and ensure that the natural environment continues to thrive.

Our clients come from all sectors including highways, rail, utilities, local authorities and construction. Many of them have been using our services for many years, returning to us time and again for repeat weed control services.

We offer a full range of weed, noxious weed and invasive plant control. This includes general weed control for county and borough councils in urban areas including opens spaces, parks, streets, and town centres. One of our main areas of general weed control covers ragwort control within highway boundaries. This is carried out adjacent to farms to help stop the spread of dead ragwort which is poisonous to livestock.

For more specialist weed control services we can help control and eradicate noxious weeds such as giant hogweed. Growing to over 3 metres tall, the sap from giant hogweed can cause severe skin blistering to humans and has the potential to leave permanent scars.

For invasive weeds we have extensive and specialist skills in invasive plant control and removal including Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam. Both these invasive weeds can swamp native species, suppress all other plant growth and predominate the landscape to the detriment of local biodiversity. We can control and remove invasive weeds from any location including railway banks, wastelands and riverbanks.

Working with Chevron Green Consultancy, we will work with clients to identify problem areas and suggest strategies to eradicate weeds through weed control plans. We have BASIS-trained operatives and keep spray records of our works for the requisite periods, and will supply records of herbicide use through FOI requests. Our trained workforce can deal with any weeds that are encountered in the UK.

We specialise in the removal of:

We have an extensive list of certifications and accreditations to reassure our clients that the work we delivery is of the highest quality and that we have been independently audited. We are part of the Chevron Group and work closely with and support Chevron Traffic Management, the UK’s largest independent traffic management specialists.

Our certifications, accreditations and qualifications include:

Weed control case study

Ringway Infrastructure Services

Chevron Green Services used their knowledge and expertise to utilise appropriate treatment methodologies depending on where the knotweed was and how advanced it was. All new instances of Japanese Knotweed were recorded on our data management system Re-flow and passed onto both Ringway Infrastructure Services and National Highways for logging and future management.

Download the A47 Japanese Knotweed removal case study (PDF) to find out more >

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