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Placing safety, collaboration and sustainability at the heart of our success


Utilising the latest innovations and methods of best practice, we drive for excellence in everything we do, placing safety, collaboration and sustainability at the heart of our success.

The Chevron Group is the UK’s leading work-zone safety provider for the UK’s critical infrastructure, a safety critical enabling service, and is done in accordance with the Highway Sector Schemes 12A/B/C/D and 18.

This entails providing a safe and efficient working environment in which our clients and contractors can operate, whilst maintaining safe passage with minimal disruption for members of the public. Our mantra is ‘In Safe Hands’ and this policy brings together our guiding values:

The UK construction industry faces a number of challenges today and in the future, and the Group is committed to playing its part in the delivery of a safe, green, efficient and collaborative industry.

But we realise the impact we have as the Group is far wider, and have aligned this policy to the UN Sustainable Development Goals created in 2015, in order that we can help play our part in the delivery of these important goals, whether directly or indirectly.


Creating a sustainable business 

We understand that effective risk and opportunity management in relation to the financial, social, and environmental aspects of our business play a key part in the delivery of improved financial stability and profitability, the motivation of our employees, and a better community in which we live and work. We will therefore:


Creating sustainable communities

We take pride in supporting the communities in which we work, providing employment, economic activity, and building our business on the basis of responsible practice and enhancing our social value. We will:


Creating sustainable relationships

We’re committed to developing relationships that embrace collaborative behaviours, such as mutual trust, respect, fairness and integrity, and that these relationships are long-lasting and mutually beneficial. We will:


Creating a sustainable future

The UK construction industry is a major contributor to the success of the UK economy. Our role in the Group is to provide a safety critical enabling service that supports the efficient and safe completion of critical infrastructure projects; the legacy of which will benefit all of us for generations to come. We will:


Continual improvement

We adopt a systematic and integrated approach to all aspects of our business and are committed to compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22301, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 37001, ISO 39001, ISO 44001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, and Highways Sector Schemes 12 and 18, as well as applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements.

This ensures that we are fully committed to continually improving performance and to developing our integrated management system processes and activities. We maintain a documented framework for setting, implementing, and reviewing objectives to drive forward this improvement.

The Group will regularly review the effectiveness of the policies and procedures on the basis of reports received, measurement of performance indicators, changes of regulation and legislation, changes of working practices and equipment and in any event at intervals not exceeding 12 months.

The Executive Board and Senior Leadership Team of the Group are responsible for the resourcing, availability of information and implementation of this policy, and co-operation in the effective implementation of the policy is a condition of employment, partnership, and supply.



Our Policy is communicated to all employees and is made available to our supply chain and other interested parties to inform and promote wider adoption of responsible practices.

Our certifications, accreditations and memberships

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BSI ISO 45001
BSI ISO 50001
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