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Clearing vegetation from sites, transport routes and landscapes

At Chevron Green Services, our aim is to preserve and enhance the natural environment, providing biodiverse habitats from generations to come. Sometimes in order to do so, and for the benefit of the surrounding environment, we have to remove overgrown vegetation.

Site clearance and de-vegetation is about recovering your site for its intended purpose or providing a clear start to your project.

Depending on the type of vegetation and the environment, we use a bespoke customer-first approach for each job. This can involve: 

Our de-vegetation clients come from range of sectors including; highways, construction, utilities, local authorities, social housing and private developers.

We remove vegetation to protect buildings, ensure the safety of the general public, maintain the nation’s infrastructure, and help prepare sites for construction.

For highways and local authorities, we ensure that highway structures remain safe and free from growth; roads and signs are unobstructed and sight lines clear; streetlamps are visible and continue to illuminate roads and footpaths; and ditches are cleared to prevent hazards and flooding.

In the utilities sector, we ensure overhead power lines are kept free from obstruction whilst the removal of vegetation also ensures that roots can no longer destabilise the ground around pylons.

We work with large national infrastructure and constructions projects where we help prepare or clear the land for the start of works, or where the vegetation would otherwise be in the way of carrying out the works. We can also clear land to prepare for habitat or restoration projects. Post work we can also help re-establish the natural environment.

As part of our carbon reduction policy, following clearance on site, any arising material is mulched or chipped for re-use on site or can be removed from site for biomass products.

We care about the environment and take into consideration all environmental impacts of de-vegetation through our in-house Consultancy division by assessing the land and, if required, mitigating the impact of work through Environmental Impact Assessments, and identification of protected species and sensitive habitats. 

Where identified as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment, our Consultants carry out Biodiversity Net Gain Assessments to ensure a net gain is identified as part of the project.  

Where vegetation clearance may require permits from Natural England, we can manage this too by applying for permits via our in-house Consultancy team.

De-vegetation and site clearance case studies

Connect Plus Services

Chevron Green Services are relied upon by Connect Plus Services (CPS) to carry out routine plot maintenance work on the M25. We worked collaboratively with CPS to build a programme of work to reduce the requirement for traffic management where possible, ultimately reducing overall cost to CPS.

Download the CPS plot maintenance case study (PDF) to find out more >

Barrier Services Ltd

Flexibility, collaborations and consistency by Chevron Green Services allowed for unknown volumes of dense vegetation to be cleared. This enabled our clients to efficiently repair the barriers on the M40.

Download the Barrier Services M40 de-vegetation case study (PDF) to find out more >


By working collaboratively with customers, supply chain partners and key stakeholders, Chevron Green Services and Chevron Green Consultancy cleared the way for the A47 upgrade. The initial scope of work identified clearance in a number of locations to facilitate ground investigation surveys. Upon completion of this work, the teams were requested by the client to undertake further work to allow for more surveys to take place.

Download the Ringway A47 de-vegetation case study (PDF) to find out more >

Valor Real Estate Partners

Overhanging trees, and overgrown vegetation and scrub were hampering an essential survey inspection of a wall at the Barking Creek riverbank in East London which was required as part of a construction project. Following an ecological survey and subsequent guidance by Chevron Green Consultancy, a crew from Chevron Green Services worked to clear the riverbank and encroaching vegetation to allow the surveyors to get close enough to the wall to carry out a thorough inspection and to enable repairs to be made

Download the Valor Real Estate Partners case study (PDF) to find out more >

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