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Our Arb Surveyors undertake ash dieback surveys in the South
Our Arb Surveyors undertake ash dieback surveys in the South
Published on 12 Sep 2023

Members of the Chevron Green Consultancy Arb team are out in the South and South East regions working on ash dieback surveys.

For six weeks, teams of two (one driver and one surveyor) are driving the length of the area using a dashcam to record their findings.

Our surveyors monitor the ash dieback health class, which details what percentage of the tree is affected, health class 2 (25%-50% crown dieback), health class 3 (50% - 75% crown dieback) or health class 4 (75% - 100% crown dieback). Our team also record if the dieback is significant or not, which denotes if there are a lot of trees badly affected, if the removal of the trees will change the landscape plot function, and whether there is a health and safety risk.

We also advise on any replanting that is needed. Once the team have completed the dashcam recordings, they review the footage and record the findings on ArcGIS Survey 123, showing the date, location as a polygon on a map, the route, carriageway direction, the health class, significance and if replanting is required.

All the data will be sent to our client to review and take action where necessary. Reports like this are then used when revisiting sites in subsequent years so the decline or recovery of trees can be monitored year-on-year.

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